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If the Israeli secret service had been able to stage a raid, as it had wanted, it's likely many lives would have been saved. The final bloodbath resulted more from German bumbling than from anything else.

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Still, one wonders why newsreel shots of Hitler and reminders of the Nazi past are necessary in a film that has almost no time at all to explain who the Palestinians were or why they made such a desperate raid. The raid had nothing to do with the Nazi past, and the current Germans seemed like comic-opera buffoons from a Groucho Marx comedy. If the purpose of a documentary is to inform, it could be argued that audiences already know a great deal about Hitler but are not likely to learn much from a couple of perfunctory shots of Palestinian refugee camps. I recommend it on that basis--and also because of the new information it contains.

I was disturbed, however, by Macdonald's pumped-up style, and by a tasteless conclusion in which images of action, bloodshed and corpses are cut together into a montage and backed with rock music.

Pictures of the Day: 26 September 12222

What was he thinking of? Cohn exhibits his Oscar entries at screenings peopled largely by those on his invitation list and to as few other people as possible. Under the academy bylaws, only those who have seen all five nominated docs can vote, and by limiting those who have seen his, Cohn shrinks the voting pool and improves his odds.

Documentary groups and many individual filmmakers have protested this Oscar to the academy. Popular Reviews Midway. Jojo Rabbit. Terminator: Dark Fate. Attorney General Richard Olney, a former railroad attorney, to intervene. Indianapolis federal courts granted Olney an injunction against the strike, a moved that allowed President Grover Cleveland to send in federal troops to break it up.

So Cleveland harkened back to the first established September holiday and signed into law that Labor Day in the US would be celebrated on the first Monday in September. Communist and socialist factions worldwide eventually chose May 1 as the date to mark the Haymarket affair. A conference issued a plea that trade unions stage rallies on the first day of May — demanding to make the eight-hour workday standard.

Much like Memorial Day , which marks the traditional beginning of summer, Labor Day generally signifies that the season has ended — even though the calendar says otherwise. As far as U. Open in New York City. NFL regular-season games typically begin following Labor Day. Not all countries observe Labor Day on the same date though. The U. Financial markets are closed.

There is no mail delivery. Post offices and libraries are closed. Most retail businesses will remain open. While most sources, including the U. Department of Labor, credit Peter McGuire with the origination of Labor Day, recent evidence suggests that the true father of Labor Day may, in fact, be another famous union leader of the 19th century, Matthew Maguire. Maguire held some political beliefs that were considered fairly radical for the day and also for Samuel Gompers and his American Federation of Labor.

McGuire was assigned the credit for the origination of Labor Day. May 1 or May Day is a more radicalized version of Labor Day in many countries. American workers, tired of hour days, staged a protest. Police eventually fired on the workers — killing eight.

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The following night, May 4, another rally turned violent when someone threw a bomb at police officers. An estimated 11 people died and scores more were injured.

One Day in September (1999) Kevin McDonald (Subtitulado)

Communist and socialist political parties eventually chose May 1 as the date to honor the dead and injured workers. Labor Day has a rich history that directly impacts the working conditions we experience today. When you're doing your Labor Day shopping, take the time to read the labels. Many of us get Labor Day off.

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What better way to relax than to stretch out on the couch and watch a movie about the American labor movement? There are tons of union-themed movies to choose from. Side note: Unions play a major role in the entertainment industry. Statistics show that Americans work longer hours than citizens of most other countries — more hours per year than Japan, more per year than the UK, and more than France. So we totally deserve that day off.

Labor Day is widely considered to be the unofficial last day of summer.

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Before the air turns cold and the leaves start to fall, it's our last chance to grill some steaks and wear shorts. Labor Day is a time to celebrate the benefits we enjoy at our jobs — including weekends off. The concept of American workers taking days off dates back to , when a group of carpenters in Philadelphia went on strike to demand a shorter work week hour days, to be exact.

It wasn't until that workers started demanding eight-hour work days. So nine-to-five doesn't sound so bad after all. We keep track of fun holidays and special moments on the cultural calendar — giving you exciting activities, deals, local events, brand promotions, and other exciting ways to celebrate. Skip to content National Today. Menu National Today. Log in Sign up. Post navigation.

Pictures of the Day: 26 September - News

You are here: Home U. Labor Day — September 2. What is the the meaning of Labor Day? When is Labor Day in ? Maguire or McGuire? Read more on this unusual coincidence in our FAQs below. What is the Haymarket affair? The Pullman strike Ironically, Chicago was also the setting for the bloody Pullman strike of , which catalyzed the establishment of an official Labor Day holiday in the U. Railroad boycott These conditions ultimately led workers to strike on May 11, Labor Day vs.